Monday, May 25, 2015


He's such a good reader. 
I love reading books to him, but it's so exciting that he is mastering this magical pastime for himself.

This is Josiah. He can fit through our doggie door.

This is our dog, Pippin.

Veggies, chicken, and rice.
My mom is pretty happy that I eat whatever she serves me...and I like it.

She even gave me a bite of her mango.
It was yummy.

I learned more about make-up in this one weekend than I've learned in my whole life up to now.
Fiona likes it a lot. I think it's fun sometimes. 
To each her own.


So excited to be with my little brudders.

This picture requires a bit more explanation...
Our sink was broken when I got home and so we washed our dishes outside. Luckily it was fixed pretty soon after I arrived. It's only fun to do things the old-fashioned way the first few times, after that it's a hassle. Not having something really makes you appreciate it more.
Another example: we all felt sick around my last day at home. Tommy started it by throwing up.
When your health is suspended and your whole body aches, you really appreciate your (generally) strong and healthy body. 
You just have to take the bitter with the sweet and be grateful.

We played with the free samples at Sephora. 
Fiona was super excited that we were wearing the most famous blush of all time.

Handmade tortillas are very tasty.
Here's the recipe my mom uses:
1 c. all purpose flour
4 c. whole wheat flour
1/2 c. shortening
2 tsp. salt
2 c. hot water
flour for rolling
(I personally would use equal amounts of white and whole wheat flour. Let's not sacrifice too much of the taste for healthiness, ok? Also, this makes around 18 tortillas, so unless you're feeding a ton of teenage boys or cross-country runners, cut the recipe in half or more.) 

I started running again while I was home. Gotta love those green fields, dirt canal banks, and that blazing hot AZ sun.
I took a week break after my last race so my legs were a bit confused at what the heck I was doing.
Eventually they got the hang of it again.

We got a new rocking chair!!! I love rocking chairs. 
I will have one to rock my (future) kids to sleep someday.
Kids grow up so fast. Case in point: Fiona (pictured above) is 15.

My mom, Fiona, and I wear the same size shoe. It's the best. Fiona and I used to share basically our whole wardrobe. It's a bit harder since I moved to Provo. 
But they get all my old running shoes (that aren't too beat up).

Moms go through a lot. Sometimes I wonder how my mom puts up with it all.
Wanna know how? 

I've gotten to experience tiny glimpses of it for myself ever since Thomas was born.

Photo shoot with my kitty Tigger. His mom was a calico cat. I would call her Fuzzy or Mama (because she was super soft and fuzzy and she gave birth to 3 litters of three kittens each). I was a really creative child. Fuzzy was a stray until my brothers and I enticed her into our house with a trail of cat food. I LOVED animals as a kid.

And I still love certain Tigger.

Fiona whipped up these pizzas like a pro. They were delicious.

This picture epitomizes our differences.
We were going out for our first pedicure, so Fiona looks put-together and I how I always look.

During the pedicure I was made very aware of just how ticklish I am.
But it was worth it. Look how pretty!

My mom's got skillz.

It's amazing how much fun you can have with a rope.
Even though it looks like it, this is not a jump rope. It's literally just a long piece of rope that we used for various games.
For future reference, here's a jump rope rhyme:
Ice cream, soda, cherry on top.
Who's your boyfriend, I forgot?
A, B, C,...

Aha! This is where I get my horns from.

We both have little wisps of hair that stick out like crazy.

"Look, Monica! I have a pink tooth!"

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