Sunday, April 12, 2015

Just like old times...

I got to race in AZ!
That sun was such a welcome sight.

We live on the edge.

                                                                   I was kind of excited.

I love my family. We had to take lots of pictures because it's a rare occasion that we get all of us together like this. (Of course, we're still missing Josh, but he gets back this August!)

This kiddo is growing up so fast. It's crazy.

I love temples. The Mesa temple is where my parents were sealed for time and all eternity.

                             Model status. Both of them.
This trip Fiona and I were recognizing how different we are. But we embrace those differences and I wouldn't want a sister who was exactly like me anyway.
Fiona is just the best sister ever.

I love flowers. Look! How PRETTY.
Also, while we were walking around the temple grounds, mosquitoes attacked me! I was wearing pants, but since I was also wearing sandals, my feet were eaten alive. Argh. I had almost forgotten how much mosquitoes like me. It really was just like old times. My family has always teased me about having sweet blood since I always end up with little red bumps on my exposed skin. Good thing vampires are not real.

We were even able to attend a little family reunion. It all worked out so well.
Except I had to exercise some major self-control and not eat ANY desserts since I raced later that day. But I took a picture because this cake looked so gorgeous. And my mom received the plate-thing on the left as a gift from my great-grandmother who apparently wanted her to have it since her name was on it. It is now a cherished heirloom.

See that water bottle in front of me? Drink and pee. That's a runner's motto. Gotta stay hydrated, especially when you're in AZ.

 I took some pictures with Diego, Thomas, and Bernie after the race...

But Diego took these RIGHT after my race. He captured the post-race feeling quite well. That's it right there.

My dad is my hero. He went running with me at 10 o'clock at night.

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