Sunday, April 19, 2015

I like Mormon boys and I cannot lie...

All you other sisters can't deny. When a boy walks in with his scripture case and a smile on his face, you get a date. A celestial mate. But wait. He's goin on a mission, leavin you wishin you had a man to hold your hand. So deacons--what? Teachers--what? We don't like your features cuz your brothers are hot and you are not so give us some righteous PRIESTS.

This girls camp rap was stuck in my head today (super spiritual song for the Sabbath, right?) so I had to let it out. Luckily my little sister pulled through for me with the lyrics. It made me reflect on things I haven't thought about in a long time. I was having trouble remembering the lyrics since singing and dancing was not really my forte at girls camp. In fact, I dreaded dancing and being in front of people. I never liked standing on the stage (which you had to do as a YCL) and leading the girls in songs and the morning routine (a dance).
Archery, hiking and making crafts were more my speed up on Mt. Lemmon. I loved being so in tune with the Spirit and with nature. I loved playing tether ball with my little sis. And I would sneak off early to go run in the mornings. I loved that too.
And then the last year I went, we had girls camp on the beach! Ah. Good times.
I've changed a lot since then. Actually, not changed. More like, found myself. In any case...
Summa time, I'm ready for you.

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