Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Surprise! Snow & popliteus pain

Our team meeting with Coach was longer than usual today. So we started running at 9:40 and when we were 2 miles in a blizzard hit us! Okay. not a blizzard. But in the beginning the snow was more like HAIL - cold little beads of snow that pelted us in the face. Some girls turned around, but a bunch of us went the full 8-mile Carterville loop. By the time we were done the snow was falling gently again. No one knows what we went through. We arrived back at the Fieldhouse, wet and red from the cold. Honestly it wasn't bad, I just wish I had worn a hat. It would've protected my face and eyes from the snow.  
Kristi's "braid" post-run. Looks more like a furry animal to me.

Popliteus. I like saying this word. It sounds like a type of dinosaur.

Why do I know what this is? No, I am not taking anatomy. I'm an English major. Actually a tendon in the back of my knee has been bothering me for a few days now so today I went in to the training room and talked to Judd about it. Judd is awesome. He asked me a few questions and tested the area that hurt. After bending my knee a bit and poking around back there and asking when it hurt, he pinpointed the problem. My popliteus tendon is the trouble spot. Which makes sense because it has been particularly painful when I pick up the pace. (check out that alliteration! It was unintentional.) When I run faster, my knee bends more as I lengthen my stride which means my popliteus has to work harder. 
As for treating it...GOOD NEWS: I can run through it. After hearing those words, there is no bad news. All I have to do is heat up before I run, get it rubbed out every now and then, and ice it whenever I can. When Judd told me that the back of the knee is an uncomfortable place to get rubbed out, I winced. I am a WIMP at getting rubbed out. I've only gone in to get rubbed out ONE time. My calves were super tight and I thought it'd be nice to have them worked on. Yeah, it sounds nice...but it's the opposite of nice. Getting a muscle rubbed out by a trainer is more akin to torture than to a massage. But I'll suck it up. Anything to make the pain go away asap. I need to get ready for a stellar outdoor season.

This is Thomas, he's in my ENG 291 class and he plays the banjo! I got to class early and he was playing some music. I'll have to come early more often.

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