Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mr. Incredible

Your birthday was January 22, but I forgot to post anything. There are no excuses, but I hope you'll forgive me after reading all of this. 

My dad is one of my greatest heroes. He is kind, smart, selfless, funny and so, SO strong. He always supports us (his family) and works hard to make sure we have what we need. Whenever I need help, I can turn to him for advice and wisdom. In high school he would go running with me at moment's notice and without a word of complaint. And he still does, whenever I am home. I am so grateful for him and his example for me. 

Some things that make you better than Mr. Incredible:
- You would bike to and from work all the time except in the summer (and that's only because it was too hot).
- You would collect aluminum cans on your bike rides and runs and put them in a big box in the garage. And when that box was full, you'd turn in those cans for cash and give the money to us.
- You would recommend good books to us. 
- You were oh-so wise. You always had a saying to back up your life lessons. "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." "Don't let your schooling interfere with your education." "This too shall pass."  
- You had a song for every situation.
- You told me that boys were intimidated by me when I felt bad about never getting asked on a date. Which made me laugh :)
- You took us camping. Those are some of my fondest memories of being with you and the fam.
- You know everything.
- You encouraged me to do hard things. And you were right there beside me to be my example. (One example: pull-ups.) 
- You made me feel like a princess. 
- You and Mom allowed me to nurture my love for animals. (Case in point: You let me keep Fuzzy even though you are kind of allergic to cats and Mom didn't really like animals. Good thing stray calico cats can be really cute.)
- You tried to teach us self-defense. (I say "tried" for the girls' sake. You were successful with Josh and Diego. They can wrestle. But I, for one, felt like I'd never need to defend myself because I always had you.)
- You gave us father's blessings every year before we started a new year of school.
- You taught us how to shoot.
- You appreciated our heartfelt Father's Day gifts. (I remember one time we made you a shirt. We painted it ourselves and you wore it even though it was a bit eclectic...and eccentric.) 
- You would meet us at a park and have picnics with us on your lunch breaks.
- You let us do crazy things because you pulled daring, semi-dangerous stunts as a youngster. (Like lighting main street on fire...good thing Snowflake is a small town.)
- You are a great cook. You know just what to add to a meal to spice things up a bit.
- You would wake up at 4:15 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during XC and track season to go running with me so I wouldn't have to go by myself when it was pitch black outside.
- You and Mom were my #1 fans. When I did well in a race, I was so excited because I knew you'd be so proud of me.

Thank you, Daddy. I love you.

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