Sunday, March 8, 2015


Fotos de la semana:
I ran by the Provo city center temple. Isn't it stunning?

My building at Lib Square half-painted.

(an acronym for Museum of Art & Mary of AZ)
Mary came to visit me!!! I showed her some of the best things about Provo, starting with BYU's campus.
I had to take lots of pictures of the art exhibit. It was so cool. Here are some of my favorites:

Mary left a note in Chinese saying she liked the exhibit very much. She wrote this so fast. I was very impressed.

Apparently there's one of these near ASU's campus too.

We went on a hike up to Big Springs.

I was the only one adventurous enough to climb this fort. To be fair, I've done it before while on a double date so I knew I could.

Bryan & Logan went sledding. On frisbees. It was pretty entertaining.

Of course we had to go to the Creamery.

And make cookies.

In Relief Society we watched a great video.
Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them

This part especially touched me:

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