Monday, March 30, 2015

Missionaries make Mondays marvelous

A few days ago during my scripture study, I made a note to myself to read Mosiah chapter 2 verses 20-26 and chapter 3 verse 19 if I was ever feeling I guess that's my assignment for tonight before doing all my other homework. Haha let me explain...

In his email last week Josh told me another one of his mission buddies wanted to write me and asked if I would be opposed to that. Since this is the third guy I was curious if this whole writing-your-mission-companion's-sister was a thing. So I asked Josh about it and this was his response:

"Its kind of a thing...mainly we just show pictures of our families and all of the elders think you are really pretty. I've had to fight off waves of them honestly, these are just the ones that are my really good friends.

Well that made my day. In more ways than one. I mean, yeah, they think I'm pretty. That's flattering. (They're out on a mission so I bet that works to my advantage.) But also, my brother is only asking me if I want to email a few of them because they are his really good friends. Awww thanks, Joshy! Thanks for the sentiment. (Also I really don't have time to be emailing that many missionaries so I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf :) You are an awesome older brother and an awesome missionary! As seen by the following picture: 

"Can't afford to just hang out the rest of my mission!!!" - Elder Huston

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