Saturday, March 28, 2015

1500 PR

PR. Two little letters that make me oh-so happy.
I did it. I ran fast. With Heavenly Father's help, I did my best today. His promises are sure. I know that with all my heart.
Also, yes, this was my first 1500 ever. So, technically, ANYthing would've been a PR. But this was a GOOD PR :)
I was pretty nervous and my faith wavered a bit, but Kristi and I went to the temple this morning and that helped calm my nerves.
Here's me, Kenzie, and Kristi post-race.

As Mitchell was taking pictures of us, a random guy walked right in front of the camera and we all bust out laughing. Unfortunately laughter triggered our runner's hack. So then we were coughing uncontrollably for a bit. It was painful. But really funny.

Here's the link to the meet results and a picture. So it's official. 

I love my family. My mom fasted for me and they all believed in me. It was the best thing ever to finish that race and call them and tell them how I did. 

I got this heart-shaped necklace at a yard sale for really cheap. My little sister has one with a pink gem. I wear it all the time now. This happens quite frequently.. I find something I love and I get really attached to it. Another jewelry example: my little pearl earrings. But unfortunately I lost one :( so I've had to wear other earrings. Anyway I wore my necklace during my race to remind me to run with my whole heart. And to run for the people I love. 
Also, I forgot how much your legs ache after racing. I'm gonna go to sleep now because I know they'll feel better in the morning. And then I'm gonna go run 12 miles. No wonder people think runners are crazy. But it's a good kind of crazy.  

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