Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I finished both of my papers due tomorrow!! Woot woot!
Here's Mo still working on homework. We're so studious...except when we take breaks to dance to "Uptown Funk" and "Dancing in the Moonlight." And when we need/want to eat food. And when we chat.'s my reward to myself for finishing my papers: 

Introducing...YUMA. The sunniest place on earth. 
(That's not a joke, look it up.)
Alright, here's the location of my hometown:
It's in the desert.

We have a water tower though.
There is a park called Cabellero Park by this tower with animal statues that spray water. There's a whale you can slide down and a seal with a water spout that is perfect for spraying at other people and you can ride on the back of an elephant and a dolphin...Oh man, good times.

Telegraph Pass. My family would go hike this a lot. My dad would teach us military chants and the names of the local cacti. Then we got to high school and joined XC and started running Telegraph. It was always my goal to make it to the top without walking a single step and without falling on the way back. I did it.

This is the only snowman I've ever seen in Yuma.

Fun Fact: "Yuma County is the winter lettuce capital of the world, supplying a whopping 90% of the nation’s leafy vegetables between November and March."

This is the water tower around Christmastime. All lit up. It's beautiful.

Canals and crop fields. This is the landscape of Yuma. This is what I see when I go run. I like it.

Ocean-to-Ocean bridge over the Colorado River.
Thanks to the Colorado River, Yuma's irrigation network is very efficient. Good news for our agriculture.

When it rains fun things happen. People freak out because they don't know how to drive when there is water falling from the sky. Sometimes school gets cancelled. We play in the mud. We race paper boats. We sing and do the rain dance.
(I'm completely soaked because I had just finished running in the rain.)

This is the (sort of) new courthouse where my Daddy works. He is a pre-trial services supervisor. Imagine having to memorize that when you're a youngun and want to be able to tell people what your dad's job is.

AZ has the best sunsets and sunrises.

I'm pretty sure these particular photos are from the same day, just different times. I went out for my morning run and I had my phone on me so I stopped to take pictures at various points.

I could take millions of pictures of the sky. Even though none can truly capture the magnificence of witnessing it in person, I still try. It's just so pretty.

Unrelated tangent: 
R.I.P Ceramic Bowl
I dropped my bowl in the locker room today. I was rinsing it out after having oatmeal and it fell on the tile floor :( I made this on the wheel in ceramics in college my freshman year. It was so handy and had sentimental value as well. Sigh....
At least now it's been immortalized on my blog.

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