Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Mexico Trip

I almost got left behind because I was late to the bus. Way to start the trip off right. Haha...NEVER again.

The plane ride:
Maria and I successfully completed a cross word! (We only cheated a little.)

Our hotel: 

They gave us cookies when we arrived so I'm a fan. Besides, I just love staying in hotels. It's so exciting. Too bad Tommy wasn't there. We have a tradition of running around together in search of adventure. I don't think my Coach would approve of such behavior though...
So we watched "The Proposal." HILARIOUS. And awkward. But it was just us girls so we laughed and laughed.

You know what Coach does approve of? Jimmy John's. His favorite is the tuna sandwich on whole wheat. This sign adorned one of the walls. It's my new motto.

The race:
It was pretty bad. I was on pace for the first half and then the wheels came off. If you haven't ever raced, it's impossible to understand racing so I'm not even going to try to explain. But I learned something and now it's back to training hard and getting ready for my next opportunity to race.

New Mexico:

We went sightseeing and trail running and channeled our inner....something. Model, beast, whatever.

 I love trail-running.

And I don't care how funky they look, I like (not love though - because they do look weird) my running tan lines. They are visual proof of all the hard work and time and effort I dedicate to something I love.

The after-party:
We went out to eat Mexican food. This actually isn't the restaurant we ate at, but this is the only picture I took at Old Town so yeah. It'll have to suffice. That night we stayed up late and had some girl talk. It was very enlightening. And hilarious.

New Mexico was a good time. 
Bad race, but a good experience. And traveling is fun. I love my teammates.

One more thing I learned:
Coach Eyestone, the head track coach, is awesome. He can play guitar and rap. And here's a quote he shared after the meet. I love it: 
"Consistent competency equals excellence eventually."

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