Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fotos de la semana

On Wednesday after dinner Maria and I tagged along with Kelsey and we went to the social dance lab. There was an Uptown Funk dance routine! Excellent song choice.

Maria's brother is on the ballroom dance team. How cool is that?!

Flurries! I like that word. It's a good description of the baby snow we had a couple times this week. When you're a warm runner though (I'm just like my daddy), almost any weather is tank-top-and-arm-sleeve kind of weather.

Clouds are so beautiful.

As promised on my bucket list, here is a picture of my favorite tree. It's at Memorial Park on Center Street.

I couldn't resist climbing it even though I was mid-run and my hands were freezing.

I think I need new socks.

Good advice.

My locker in the locker room aka my second home.

I went to the grocery store with Mo, but didn't buy anything. Why? Well this week I had an "I'm an idiot" experience. It was not fun. Because of my failure to read and follow through with instructions correctly, I had to pay a $50 late fee to take a Spanish credit exam. FIFTY DOLLARS. Ugh, it still makes me angry at myself. Luckily my parents were very understanding. They comforted me with their wise words of wisdom: "Things like this happen sometimes," "no one is perfect," and "this too shall pass." Thanks, Mami! Thanks, Daddy! Anyway, because of that incident, I am being especially frugal and will survive on snack shack food, fuel card food, and food storage for as long as humanly possible.

They have candy at Macey's that is up for grabs at the checkout counter. I love it. Today I went with a mango lollipop even though my go-to is blueberry.

Mo: Do you take pictures of everything?
Me (takes a picture of Mo and the majestic U.S. flag waving in the wind): Yes!
But only of people, and places, and things I love.
So yes, I love taking lots and lots of pictures. That is the main reason I love having an iPhone.

I like pushing all the buttons (if that's what they're called) down. Luckily Mo didn't mind. At least I don't think she did...

Kristi captured one of my best moments from today. I hopped up onto the counter (my usual perch when I'm in the kitchen) and quickly realized that I should have looked before I leaped. It was pretty funny.

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