Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Josh is on a mission. Good thing he gets home this summer!!!

Tommy's so cool.

We got real close to the T.V. I really don't know if that was necessary.

A mother's love.

Birthday girl!

Teaching Tommy how to climb. 

We Hustons are very good at climbing. Trees, rocks, walls, you name it.
Funny Story: When I was young I was walking along a wall and fell and busted my lip open. I remember it hurt pretty bad, but we went out to eat at a pizza place shortly after and my busted lip did not deter me at all from scarfing down my pizza. I still have a crooked smile from that incident.

I bet he's unhappy because all the chocolate cake is now gone.

Bubbles - gotchu!

Water park picnic.

Reading HP by the pool.

Those are some proud parentals.

Me and Shanna.

XC camp with teammates and my little brother.

I love these girls.


Mi familia.

Right before the gun goes off.

Finger painting fun.


Looks like Thanksgiving.

Temple with my mom after a race in Cali.

Just look at that face.

I love my family. Have I said that enough? Nope. They're the best.

Waiting for the go-ahead to open our presents.

Telegraph Pass.

Making tamales to hand out at Christmas.

San Diego temple.

It's gorgeous.

Tommy loved to do this pose in pictures. I'm not sure where he got the idea, but it works. He's so cute and quirky!!

Fiona's birthday.

Rock-climbing on a GATE field trip with my friends Paola and Mary.

My mom made some awesome birthday cakes. Check out that Eiffel Tower!

Bernie Montoya, Coach Norton, and me. We had the best coach ever.

I won this race just for the flowers.

I love embroidering. I love making things with my own two hands. And I love my initials.
I was that little girl who would try to make dolls out of beads and embroidery floss. I would teach myself how to crochet and knit (with help from my mom) and I would cut my Barbies' hair (heck, I cut my own hair...I really wanted bangs, but I didn't want to have to pay to get my hair done.) and I would get creative with anything I could get my hands on. Occasionally my endeavors were successful. Other times, they were a disaster.

My achievements in running meant I got to be a model, not just p.o.y. 
Fun stuff, let me tell ya. My freshman year I was surprised, but happy when I got to be in the newspaper. By my senior year, I was a pro. Haha psych!
Seriously though, I am so glad I found my niche in athletics.
I recommend that you try out different things until you find something you absolutely love. And then, stick with it. Work hard to develop your talents. You will be blessed.
I tried lots of different things when I was little. I did gymnastics, ballet, tap, and jazz. I took piano, violin, and singing lessons. I played the flute and took swim lessons.
Running was my favorite though.

Joseph & Patricia.
Their names sound so good together. I love them so much. Them, referring to my parents.

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