Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fotos de la semana

On Wednesday after dinner Maria and I tagged along with Kelsey and we went to the social dance lab. There was an Uptown Funk dance routine! Excellent song choice.

Maria's brother is on the ballroom dance team. How cool is that?!

Flurries! I like that word. It's a good description of the baby snow we had a couple times this week. When you're a warm runner though (I'm just like my daddy), almost any weather is tank-top-and-arm-sleeve kind of weather.

Clouds are so beautiful.

As promised on my bucket list, here is a picture of my favorite tree. It's at Memorial Park on Center Street.

I couldn't resist climbing it even though I was mid-run and my hands were freezing.

I think I need new socks.

Good advice.

My locker in the locker room aka my second home.

I went to the grocery store with Mo, but didn't buy anything. Why? Well this week I had an "I'm an idiot" experience. It was not fun. Because of my failure to read and follow through with instructions correctly, I had to pay a $50 late fee to take a Spanish credit exam. FIFTY DOLLARS. Ugh, it still makes me angry at myself. Luckily my parents were very understanding. They comforted me with their wise words of wisdom: "Things like this happen sometimes," "no one is perfect," and "this too shall pass." Thanks, Mami! Thanks, Daddy! Anyway, because of that incident, I am being especially frugal and will survive on snack shack food, fuel card food, and food storage for as long as humanly possible.

They have candy at Macey's that is up for grabs at the checkout counter. I love it. Today I went with a mango lollipop even though my go-to is blueberry.

Mo: Do you take pictures of everything?
Me (takes a picture of Mo and the majestic U.S. flag waving in the wind): Yes!
But only of people, and places, and things I love.
So yes, I love taking lots and lots of pictures. That is the main reason I love having an iPhone.

I like pushing all the buttons (if that's what they're called) down. Luckily Mo didn't mind. At least I don't think she did...

Kristi captured one of my best moments from today. I hopped up onto the counter (my usual perch when I'm in the kitchen) and quickly realized that I should have looked before I leaped. It was pretty funny.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BYU Bucket List

(these are things I want to do while I am a BYU student living in Provo, UT)

Side note: I LOVE LISTS. To-do lists, grocery lists, things-I-love lists, song playlists, etc. They help make life better. More organized, more fun, and more fulfilling.

- means I still need to do it
*** means I've done it!

- run Timp
- buy chalk and write a message on the stairs south of campus
- have a picnic on top of the JFSB
- swing on the Mona rope swing
- run 20 miles all at once on July 1st, 2015 with Kristi & co. (that's Kristi's birthday and we're gonna be 20!)
- do 10 pull-ups
- ride the ski lift at Sundance

I should have done this next part in a chronological order. But that would've taken a lot more time and effort than I have at the moment. So enjoy this jumbled mess!

***go kayaking down the Provo river
***road trip to CA
***take a picture from the top of the Lib. Square roof
***drive the Alpine loop
***go country line dancing
***all-you-can-eat Kneader's French toast (I can put away 3 slices of French toast, easy.)
***sleepover in the locker room in the SF (Thank you, Ria!)
***drive a moped (well, sort of...I won't go into details on that embarrassing attempt)
***go rock-climbing and bouldering at the Quarry
***legit rock-climbing up Provo canyon
***feed the ducks at the duck pond
***go spelunking in an old mine (I nearly died. It was an exhausting, yet exhilarating adventure.)
***meet another girl named Monica (this happened yesterday! I was in the library and was looking for Danielle, a girl I was meeting with to work on a project together. I sat down next to this random girl and texted Danielle when suddenly, Tito (a former MTC co-worker) comes over. He looks at me, looks at the girl, and says, "Welcome to the Girls-named-Monica-who-know-Tito fan club. This is our first meeting..." Hahaha he is ridiculous and hilarious. So yeah! Her name was Monica too. And it was super random that she was meeting with Tito, and I happened to sit next to her. Crazy stuff. That was the first time I've met another Monica. She seemed nice.)
***survive a train yard adventure (I won't go into details about this one because I've been sworn to secrecy.)
***go to various BYU sports events (basketball, football, and volleyball games...I really should go to more games.)
***HAVE FUN at dance parties (this one is still ongoing thankfully)
***hike the Y
***watch a free movie in the SWKT (I saw Invictus on a date and this German Christmas movie with Mo.)

***go to the puppy barn

I didn't get to compete in this because I was broken, but Kristi & Kieran got 2nd place!!
***take a dance class (It was fun except for the part where I got a stress reaction in my left foot. But being injured made me appreciate running and being healthy even more. It was incredibly hard, but trials definitely make you stronger.)

***watch an adaptation of Pride & Prejudice in the HFAC (I cannot adequately express my happiness during that play. I was in heaven.)

                                        This is the van I drove!                                         
***run the pipe-line run (it's so cool! I did this when I worked as a coach at the BYU xc sports camp for kids. It was a BLAST! And it paid well. I definitely want to do this again.)

***go snowshoeing


This was BEFORE it went into the oven. So it expanded to an even greater size after baking.
***make a GIANT cinnamon roll (It. was. delicious.)

***drive a Rhino - so fun! (Riding in a rhino with a crazy driver - absolutely terrifying.) 

***make a ginormous 3D snowflake.

***stay up all night. This all-nighter was because I am so good at procrastinating.

***take a ceramics class at BYU. I loved it. I was in that ceramics room (room B-66 - its location is highly classified and restricted access) whenever I had a large chunk of free time. I can make stuff for HOURS.

***locate my favorite tree in Provo. This picture is actually not of my favorite tree. I'll have to remedy that sometime.

***girl's night with megabed. This was freshman year at Heritage.

***take out the trash IN STYLE. Ask my roomies, taking out the trash is the one job I do very consistently.

***take pictures along Carterville. This is our go-to run for workouts and regular runs too. Luckily it's a great route with spectacular scenery because we do it A LOT. Here are some Shetland ponies that we run past in the summer.

This is Em. She's wonderful.
***take an ice bath in the river along the pretty path. It felt really good.

***go to Color Me Mine. 

***go to a demolition derby.

***Tim Tam slam. A life-changing experience.

Check it!
***go to Chalk the Block at the Riverwoods and marvel at the amazing talent of others.

Ryan, me, Bernie! We were teammates at Cibola.
***take a picture with Ryan and Bernie on a traveling trip. This is at Wisconsin during XC season.

***carve a pumpkin

***go to a National Parks concert. Check. Times 3. One was an outdoor concert, one at Velour, and one in the Wilk.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Farewell, Love

I've had to read quite a bit of old poetry lately for ENG 291 (my least favorite class).
This is the first thing we've read that I've actually enjoyed. To be fair, I haven't actually read much for this class.
Buut...poems are short and I had to do a presentation on Sir Thomas Wyatt and I have to memorize a poem sooo...yeah.
Here's my favorite so far, a sonnet by Wyatt.

Farewell, Love
Farewell, Love, and all thy laws forever,
Thy baited hooks shall tangle me no more;
Senec and Plato call me from thy lore,
To perfect wealth my wit for to endeavor.
In blind error when I did persever,
Thy sharp repulse, that pricketh aye* so sore,                *always
Hath taught me to set in trifles no store,*                       *value
And 'scape forth since liberty is lever.*                          *more pleasing, dearer
Therefore farewell, go trouble younger hearts,
And in me claim no more authority;
With idle youth go use thy property,*                              *do what you characteristically do
And thereon spend thy many brittle darts.*                      *arrows
For hitherto though I have lost all my time,
Me lusteth* no longer rotten boughs to climb.                 *I care

Doesn't that just warm your heart?
Yeah, not mine either. I just thought it was funny. No, that's not the right word...clever? relatable? (I mean, let's face it. Sometimes love stinks.) Well, it's something. And I'm gonna memorize it.

Completely unrelated side tangent:
I wore this shirt today and got so many questions and comments about it. I will remember never to wear it again unless I feel like talking. A lot. Well, more than usual, I mean.
I can see how it can catch the eye.

One guy just said he liked my shirt, but most people wanted to know why my shirt says this, so here's what I eventually whittled my explanation down to:
The first guy I dated was in a band (I'd point to the bottom) called the Genuine Gentlemen. And this (I'd point to the "KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON") was one of their songs.
Sometimes this would spark an interesting remark or two.

Anyway here's a longer explanation:
My first boyfriend, Scott, was the lead singer in a band. It was a clever advertising move for them to make this t-shirt. I talked to at least 7 people about the Genuine Gentlemen today. And the numbers would've probably increased had it not been cold outside.
Here's their song:

Scott was a genuine gentleman. He even wrote me a song. It's super cheesy and I am not posting it on here for anyone to listen to. 
Scott, if you ever read this: don't worry that I called your song cheesy. Girls like cheesy. 
He's on a mission now in Chile. His parents update his blog which I check every now and then to see how he's doing.
He gave me a rose after one of my races where I ran unattached.
I still have it. See, what did I tell you? Girls are cheesy. Plus I am also kind of a packrat. I treasure things with sentimental value and keep them for a looong time. This was the first rose I've ever received from a guy! 
You know what, I don't have to justify my weirdness to anyone. This is MY blog after all. So I'm just gonna embrace it.

Exhibit A:
My little pillow.
Some things, like this pillow I made in my Activity Day days, I will never throw out. I cross-stitched this thing when I was like 8 years old. Well, between 8 and 12...I can't remember. 
It used to say "I am a Child of God." I've had to fix it up a few times - adding new stuffing, resewing new fabric on the back, etc. I guess it's time I put some tender love and care into the front of it though.
It accompanies me on most of my trips so it's gone through a lot.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Why have I never thought of this?

Check out this little bird I saw on campus. Doesn't he look like he'd be a great friend?

He's just so cute and chubby.

The sky was on fiyah.

This is Mo. I want to be like her when I grow up.
(Too bad I can't replicate her Chewbacca noise.)
After a men's vball game with some teammates (BYU won!), Mo and I made cupcakes. It was a 2319 (red alert, junk food) kind of night. We also watched Cool Runnings, which is hilarious.

Mo, Kelsey, and I went to the mall and shopped a bit. I'm so proud of myself. I only bought what I had gone to the mall to get i.e. these two candles. Mo inspired me. I wanted my room to smell good like her's so we went to Bath & Body Works and these are the scents I selected. Can you tell I'm excited for summer?
Also, that's my angel in the middle. I think I got it for Christmas one year...I've had it forever. It lights up and changes colors and is just so soothing. I love it.

Thoughts from sacrament meeting:
Don't say, "No one understands me or what I'm going through."
Christ does.
He loves you and will help you as you come unto Him. Have faith to be healed and to become better.

Take time to ponder and listen. Especially as you study the scriptures and pray. 
He will answer.

We sang this hymn today. These lines in the last verse especially touched my heart.
"When disappointment, grief, and fear are gone,
Sorrow forgot, love's purest joys restored."

Monday, February 16, 2015

Them Hood Girls

This one, for them hood girls
Them good girls
Straight masterpieces!
- Uptown Funk 

Today after running and lifting weights some XC girls did a hardcore ab workout as a group. We started out with this routine set to Uptown Funk (the push-ups were the most excruciating part!): 

Followed by this retro 8 minute ab workout:

We are not gymnasts, so we did not look as coordinated as the girls in the first video. In fact, I'm sure we looked pretty comical. But hey, you gotta have fun while you're working out, that way it's not complete torture. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stayin' Alive

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive. That was my theme song this weekend.
Or "I'm a survivor/ I'm not gon' give up/ I'm not gon' stop/ I'm gon' work harder/ I'm a survivor/ I'm gonna make it/ I will survive/ Keep on survivin'"

I was worried about making it through this weekend. Why? Mainly because all of my roommates are out of town (with the exception of Kristi). Same with my teammates. They are all in ID, WA, or NM. But I was left behind. My time wasn't fast enough to travel again. Well, instead of letting this get me down, I used it to fuel my workouts. I will do all in my power to have an awesome outdoor track season.

So on Friday I did a workout on the track. By myself. I've come a long way. I told myself, I'm going to do 12 400s with 90 seconds recovery. Well, I did my 2 mile warm-up, put my flats on, and proceeded with my 400m repeats. I tried to keep my pace consistently between 77 and 80 second pace. After 4 laps, I told myself: "Just get to 6, you can do this. Just do one more, and then you'll only have one more after that." Lying is never okay. Except in this instance.
Well, after 6 I switched into spikes and kept going. Lap after lap after lap. Running is all about repetition. Just keep going. Keep pushing yourself. I gave myself my pump-up talk over and over. Finally, I was done. My last 400 was a 75 so I felt really good about my workout. It took a lot of self pep talk, but I did it.
I was reminded of a quote that was on the back of our XC shirts one year in high school. "Running is a mental sport and we're all insane." That's pretty accurate.

Then I went to the temple. Michael, the former ward choir director (now stake choir director), was kind enough to give me a ride there and back. It was wonderful. I haven't been in awhile and it was just what I needed. I know it was one of my New Year's resolutions to go every week, but sometimes life is hectic and I don't have a car. But I'm glad I was able to go and feel the peace and comfort that the Spirit brings. Definitely worth skipping my Spanish class.

After that I ran again and went to my ELANG class.
Okay, you'd think that after so many years of running so much, it would be easy. But that's not true. I still feel like a grandma sometimes. My body still feels those aches and pains that come along with running 75 miles a week. There are so many parallels with running and life. You'd think after all this time of being a Mormon, it would be easy to be a disciple of Christ. But that's not true either.
Yet despite all of our struggles - all of our ups and downs and plateaus - we can do it. Just keep going.
Anyway, that night I totally went out of my comfort zone and attended the service activity/dance party in the Clyde. I went. By myself. Man, I have come a looong way since high school.
I keep saying that. I'm just trying to celebrate all my little successes. They may seem insignificant to others, but they mean a lot to me. We screwed wheels onto these little wooden cars and wrote cards to send to kids in Zimbabwe. It was fun. I met up with a friend and joined her group and we went to the Lib square dance party too. I had some weird experiences, not worth mentioning here. Speaking of dance parties though, my little sister went to a stake dance in Wellton and danced EVERY dance. I was so proud when I heard that. So proud and so glad :)
Then on Saturday I slept in, went to stake conference, and ran 15 miles. Again, by myself. I glanced at my watch at one point, saw I was only at 6 miles, and almost died. I wasn't even halfway! But I just kept going. Luckily I took my phone with me so I had music to listen to.
After my long run, I did 5 pull-ups, walked home, did an ab workout, and ate food. Then I took a bath, relaxed, and did dishes. Music REALLY saved me this weekend. That and my family and stake conference.

The Sunday session was especially edifying. Probably because I was in a better mood and cuz Kristi agreed to sing in the choir with me. She is the best.
Here's what I learned from the many wonderful speakers:

Satisfaction to the soul comes through:
  • keeping the commandments of God
  • striving to become a better disciple of Christ
  • doing the will of the Lord
  • studying the scriptures - they are the word of God
  • showing charity towards others 
  • loving one another
  • working hard to improve
  • praying - having a good relationship with the Lord
  • relying on the Lord 
  • partaking of the sacrament 
  • thinking of the Savior and repenting
  • fasting with a purpose
  • going to the temple
(Some of these are more general, some are specific, and some are very similar, but they are all good to remember)
Other random notes: 
  • "Be not afraid; only believe."
  • "Religions teach men to be good. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints teaches us to be perfect." Perfect as in whole and complete through Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. 
  • "Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels."
  • One guy shared a story of a time when he noticed a girl shuffling along the sidewalk with tears streaming down her face. He was on the phone with his mom, but he told her he had to go and then turned to the girl and said, "I see that you're sad. And that makes me sad. Want to go get some ice cream?" As they ate ice cream and talked, he found out that her brother had passed away 3 weeks ago and she had cried every day since then. 
This story really struck me. The world needs more people like him. More people like Christ. I want to work on this: Look outward. Mourn with those that mourn. Be a friend. Love one another.
Tommy did this for me. He sent me kisses via Facetime and told me he'd be my Valentine.
If I could have any superpower, I would choose teleportation. That way I could go home whenever I wanted. 

Well, I did make it through this weekend. With help.
Happy Friday the 13th, Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy Birthday to AZ! :)