Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thomas the treasure (not the train)

My mom came up to visit me this weekend. It was wonderful having her here and I will post more about her tomorrow (cuz it's her birthday!!). But I had to say good-bye today and therefore I am in a nostalgic mood (also I am procrastinating doing homework)... so I went digging through some of the old photos and videos on my laptop.
Here are a few gems of Tommy since he is such a little treasure.
Christmas day a few years ago. I got a camera and Tommy got blocks, among other things.

 At Grandma K's house, out on her balcony.

 Excellent imitation of a turtle.

Batman shirt, a cup of chocolate milk with a straw, and a funny face. Classic Thomas.

Cool sleeping pose huh.


Adorable. Just look at that dimple!

Taking a selfie. I wonder where he learned to do that face...


And last, but not least, a video. At least, I hope this works. It wouldn't upload so I had to use a link.
What a cutie pie! And a little weirdo. But I say that affectionately because we're all a little weird. I mean holy cow! I was so giggly! Oh well.
Anyway, before he could pronounce my name well, he'd call me Micah. He would also call spaghetti "pascetti" and an elephant an "epitee."
It's hard to believe he is already 6 years old! 
I hope you see this when you're older. I love you, Tommy!! 

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