Monday, January 19, 2015


 I worked out with the 800/mile group today. We did a 1-2-3 workout. 1 800 at goal mile pace, 2 400s at the same pace, and 3 200s at goal 800 pace. It was pretty intense. Because the repeats were so short, I only got 5 miles in this morning. 2 warm-up, 1 during the workout, and 2 cool down. Then we lifted weights and ate at the Cannon center.
For some track team bonding, we went snowshoeing!! This was my first time ever. I decided I like doing things in the snow. Maybe someday I'll try skiing or snowboarding. Also, we saw a mama moose with her baby. So I can cross that off my bucket list too. (Shaq is easier to spot here...but the moose is that tiny dot in the middle of the picture.)

Distance girls
Madey, Kristi, Me, Maria

Those boots really make our legs look short. Kristi & I look like midgets!

It was a fun and physically demanding day. We had an epic snowball fight and enjoyed the beauties of nature. My legs are beat and I still need to do a second run tonight. Such is the life of a distance runner...I love it. 
That wasn't sarcasm. I really do love it. I love weightlifting and running and working hard. I love pushing myself to my limits and getting stronger and faster. I love setting goals and working my butt off to reach them. I am so grateful for the chance I have to run here at BYU. It really is a miracle and I thank Heavenly Father for His hand in that aspect of my life every day. 

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