Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It has come to this...

...I am spending the night in the Smith Fieldhouse. It's a tragedy. I am just SO bogged down with gobs and gobs of homework and I am too exhausted to walk home all alone on this frigid and gloomy night.

Just kidding. That was almost entirely made up. I have no idea what kind of a night it is because I haven't really been outside since the sun went down. And I am not dying underneath heaps and heaps of homework.
I do have quite a bit of reading to do for my British lit class, but what else is new. Plus it's not my fault. Well, kind of. I ordered the textbook late (my fault), and it took FOREVER and a day to come in to the bookstore (not totally my fault) so I finally got it today. I'm already catching up though.

Anyway, the truth: Maria and I are having a sleepover in the locker room because a) we can work on homework uninterrupted, b) we can hang out and have fun during our study breaks, c) we don't have to walk home tonight and then back in the morning (runner logic: we run for miles and miles, but walking is dreadful), and d) why not?? Now I can cross this off my BYU bucket list. That's my main motivation for this little adventure.

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