Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!!

I love love love this quote.

I highly recommend reading all of President Monson's talk In Search of Treasure. It is wonderful. I think the beginning of the new year is a great time to contemplate where we are in our lives and set goals so that we can work on becoming even better.
Here's some inspiration:
15 New Year’s Resolutions from the prophets for 2015

1. Avoid contention

2. Find more meaning in temple service

3. Take care of your body

4. Learn more about the gospel

5. Be a better parent

6. Improve personal scripture study

7. Serve someone every day

8. Have more meaningful prayer

9. Increase your fast offering

10. Repent daily

11. Have Family Home Evening

12. Forgive quickly

13. Maintain a clear vision

14. Evaluate yourself honestly

15. Emulate Jesus Christ

Kind of a daunting list, right? Just remember Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible."
We can become better and reach our full potential through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We just need to have faith and do our part in coming unto Christ. He is always there to comfort and strengthen us as we strive to become more like Him.

I like to separate my resolutions into broad categories and then break them down into specific goals.

Study the scriptures for 15 minutes every day.
Write in my journal at least once a week.
Watch BYU devotionals on Tuesdays.
Go to the temple once a week.

Keep up with reading assignments.
Take diligent notes.
Volunteer to say the prayer in class.
Ask questions and participate in discussions.

CHARITY: (The pure love of Christ.)
Look outward.
Take advantage of opportunities to serve.
Call home and keep in touch with family.
Do or say something nice every day.

RUNNING: (yes, that is it's own category)
Give it my all in workouts.
Complete my mileage.*
Take care of myself before & after exercise (ice-bath, roll out, stretch, etc.)
*Listen to my body. (Don't push yourself too hard. It's better to miss one workout or not get all your miles in than to get injured and not be able to run at all. Remember: Hard days hard. Easy days easy.)

Eat fruits & veggies every day!!
Weight lift 2x a week (or 3x)
Ab workout 3x a week
Floss every night

Another resolution:
I need to work on prioritizing my life better. I tend to put the last two categories before the first three. It's easier for me to go out and run 12 miles than it is for me to read the scriptures for 15 minutes. Sad, right? 
Well I am going to do better this year. I am going to get my priorities straight. I just need to set some good habits for myself and then not slack off. I'm off to a great start though. It's January 2nd and I'm 2 for 2. Woot woot! 
Bring it on 2015!

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