Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bride-to-be ;)

Nope, not me. My friend/teammate/ex-roomie/role model Emily is getting married next week!!! She is an AMAZING person and an inspiration to me and anyone who is fortunate enough to know her. I am so grateful for her. Especially because she's also a high-mileage girl and therefore we spend a lot of time together - just running, talking and occasionally singing :) Running buddies have a special connection. So I know her preeetty well. And I can say whole-heartedly that Jordan is a lucky man.
Kristi and I planned and threw her a bridal shower. This was our first time being in charge of the behind-the-scenes business for such a celebration. We had a ton of fun coming up with ideas, shopping for her gifts, baking, and setting up. It was definitely an enjoyable and valuable experience. Thanks, Em! 
I love these little get-togethers. They are very entertaining, especially when married teammates attend. She got some great gifts. I'm sure Jordan will agree.

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