Friday, January 16, 2015

#1 Favorite class

Read this article:
It's great.

I think relationships are fascinating and I love learning and talking about them. Thus my favorite class at BYU so far has been LDS Marriage & Family with Professor Ogletree.
Even though I'm not getting married or engaged anytime soon, I loved this class because improving my relationships with other people starts with me. It's all about becoming better myself. There are always things I need to work on and areas in which progress can be made. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and discouraged by my weaknesses and limitations. 
Here's the pep talk I give myself: 
Don't let your imperfections and shortcomings discourage you. Yes, you will never be perfect in mortality, but that's okay. Heavenly Father loves you and is infinitely patient. Just keep trying and remember to help others come unto Christ as well.

ELANG 223 is shaping up to be a close second favorite. It is an introduction to the English language and my professor is this dry, old, yet surprisingly hilarious guy. 
Since we are studying phonetics I kinda feel like I'm back in kindergarten, but on a whole new level. I love it. I'm starting to feel a kinship with professor Henry Higgins, the linguist from My Fair Lady. (It's a wonderful musical. If you haven't seen it, you should!) Which is slightly horrifying to me since I hated him in that movie. But I guess we can be friends now. This just goes to show how much college is changing me. 

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