Friday, January 30, 2015

Songza FYI

On a run yesterday, Hannah recommended that I look up an app called Songza. She knows I love music and she and I have a similar taste in music so it was perfect.
And now I'm sharing the love. If you haven't heard of it, check it out! It's free and awesome. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

All I ever wanted

Today Makenna Smith, the coolest girl on the team, complimented my footwear. Yup, that happened. Her exact words were, "nice kicks!" It seriously made my day. That's all I've ever wanted out of life.

Another thing that made me super happy was making pancakes for dinner. Mike made bacon and Sam, Maria, Mo and I all took a stab at making pancakes on Kristi's griddle. I gotta say, mine were the best. I guess it depends on what kind of look you're going for though. Mo wins most creative - she made a pancake with a piece of bacon INSIDE of it. Maria wins most abstract - she made many beautiful blobs that were imagined into various things. And Sam wins...the most persevering pancake award. His pancakes went through a lot.
 It's kinda hard to believe that the top pancake was ever a circle. But indeed it was. I'm not quite sure how Sam managed that one.

This classic Mickey Mouse creation is my masterpiece.

Breakfast is my favorite meal to make. Good thing....cuz that's all I ever make. Oh and dessert! I'll definitely be posting about yummy treats here and there and everywhere...eventually.
P.S. Follow this link if you want the best pancake recipe:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It has come to this...

...I am spending the night in the Smith Fieldhouse. It's a tragedy. I am just SO bogged down with gobs and gobs of homework and I am too exhausted to walk home all alone on this frigid and gloomy night.

Just kidding. That was almost entirely made up. I have no idea what kind of a night it is because I haven't really been outside since the sun went down. And I am not dying underneath heaps and heaps of homework.
I do have quite a bit of reading to do for my British lit class, but what else is new. Plus it's not my fault. Well, kind of. I ordered the textbook late (my fault), and it took FOREVER and a day to come in to the bookstore (not totally my fault) so I finally got it today. I'm already catching up though.

Anyway, the truth: Maria and I are having a sleepover in the locker room because a) we can work on homework uninterrupted, b) we can hang out and have fun during our study breaks, c) we don't have to walk home tonight and then back in the morning (runner logic: we run for miles and miles, but walking is dreadful), and d) why not?? Now I can cross this off my BYU bucket list. That's my main motivation for this little adventure.

Monday, January 19, 2015


 I worked out with the 800/mile group today. We did a 1-2-3 workout. 1 800 at goal mile pace, 2 400s at the same pace, and 3 200s at goal 800 pace. It was pretty intense. Because the repeats were so short, I only got 5 miles in this morning. 2 warm-up, 1 during the workout, and 2 cool down. Then we lifted weights and ate at the Cannon center.
For some track team bonding, we went snowshoeing!! This was my first time ever. I decided I like doing things in the snow. Maybe someday I'll try skiing or snowboarding. Also, we saw a mama moose with her baby. So I can cross that off my bucket list too. (Shaq is easier to spot here...but the moose is that tiny dot in the middle of the picture.)

Distance girls
Madey, Kristi, Me, Maria

Those boots really make our legs look short. Kristi & I look like midgets!

It was a fun and physically demanding day. We had an epic snowball fight and enjoyed the beauties of nature. My legs are beat and I still need to do a second run tonight. Such is the life of a distance runner...I love it. 
That wasn't sarcasm. I really do love it. I love weightlifting and running and working hard. I love pushing myself to my limits and getting stronger and faster. I love setting goals and working my butt off to reach them. I am so grateful for the chance I have to run here at BYU. It really is a miracle and I thank Heavenly Father for His hand in that aspect of my life every day. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

#1 Favorite class

Read this article:
It's great.

I think relationships are fascinating and I love learning and talking about them. Thus my favorite class at BYU so far has been LDS Marriage & Family with Professor Ogletree.
Even though I'm not getting married or engaged anytime soon, I loved this class because improving my relationships with other people starts with me. It's all about becoming better myself. There are always things I need to work on and areas in which progress can be made. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and discouraged by my weaknesses and limitations. 
Here's the pep talk I give myself: 
Don't let your imperfections and shortcomings discourage you. Yes, you will never be perfect in mortality, but that's okay. Heavenly Father loves you and is infinitely patient. Just keep trying and remember to help others come unto Christ as well.

ELANG 223 is shaping up to be a close second favorite. It is an introduction to the English language and my professor is this dry, old, yet surprisingly hilarious guy. 
Since we are studying phonetics I kinda feel like I'm back in kindergarten, but on a whole new level. I love it. I'm starting to feel a kinship with professor Henry Higgins, the linguist from My Fair Lady. (It's a wonderful musical. If you haven't seen it, you should!) Which is slightly horrifying to me since I hated him in that movie. But I guess we can be friends now. This just goes to show how much college is changing me. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bride-to-be ;)

Nope, not me. My friend/teammate/ex-roomie/role model Emily is getting married next week!!! She is an AMAZING person and an inspiration to me and anyone who is fortunate enough to know her. I am so grateful for her. Especially because she's also a high-mileage girl and therefore we spend a lot of time together - just running, talking and occasionally singing :) Running buddies have a special connection. So I know her preeetty well. And I can say whole-heartedly that Jordan is a lucky man.
Kristi and I planned and threw her a bridal shower. This was our first time being in charge of the behind-the-scenes business for such a celebration. We had a ton of fun coming up with ideas, shopping for her gifts, baking, and setting up. It was definitely an enjoyable and valuable experience. Thanks, Em! 
I love these little get-togethers. They are very entertaining, especially when married teammates attend. She got some great gifts. I'm sure Jordan will agree.

Monday, January 12, 2015

That's my teammate!!

Maria Morley
I just had to give a shout-out to my awesome friend and teammate, Maria Morley. Read the article, it says it all. I'm so proud of you, Ria!

Feliz Cumpleaños, Mami!!!

Mi madre es la mas génerosa y hermosa mujer en el mundo. Extraño escuchar a su voz todos los dias. Me encanta llamar a ella por teléfono para que yo puedo oír que me llame "mi chiquita preciosa" y para escuchar cómo mi familia está haciendo.

My Spanish is probably atrocious, so I'm gonna stop there. 
I am so grateful that she came up to visit me this weekend! I love my mom so much. She is an incredible example of kindness and patience and charity. I look back with fondness at the memories I have with her. She is so selfless. She would read the same book to me over and over again when I was little even if she was tired of it. She would massage my tired legs when I was feeling beat-up after a run. She would listen to my concerns and my sorrows and help me feel better by making me feel loved. My mom taught me how important being a mother is and she is the reason why I know being a stay-at-home mom is the best job ever. Not easy and not glamorous, but fulfilling and wonderful just the same. She is amazing and beautiful - inside and out. Te quiero con todo mi corazón, Mami! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thomas the treasure (not the train)

My mom came up to visit me this weekend. It was wonderful having her here and I will post more about her tomorrow (cuz it's her birthday!!). But I had to say good-bye today and therefore I am in a nostalgic mood (also I am procrastinating doing homework)... so I went digging through some of the old photos and videos on my laptop.
Here are a few gems of Tommy since he is such a little treasure.
Christmas day a few years ago. I got a camera and Tommy got blocks, among other things.

 At Grandma K's house, out on her balcony.

 Excellent imitation of a turtle.

Batman shirt, a cup of chocolate milk with a straw, and a funny face. Classic Thomas.

Cool sleeping pose huh.


Adorable. Just look at that dimple!

Taking a selfie. I wonder where he learned to do that face...


And last, but not least, a video. At least, I hope this works. It wouldn't upload so I had to use a link.
What a cutie pie! And a little weirdo. But I say that affectionately because we're all a little weird. I mean holy cow! I was so giggly! Oh well.
Anyway, before he could pronounce my name well, he'd call me Micah. He would also call spaghetti "pascetti" and an elephant an "epitee."
It's hard to believe he is already 6 years old! 
I hope you see this when you're older. I love you, Tommy!! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Aaahh Freak out!

This is the handshake that my brothers invented on a whim. Isn't Tommy adorable?? Obviously Diego needed some encouragement. That's why you can hear Fiona and me yelling at him in the background. It's hard to catch anything on video in my family. We're just so spontaneous I guess...
Apparently the inspiration for their handshake comes from Toy Story 3. The song is Le Freak.
Toy Story 3 clip
Anyway it really caught on. I miss my family.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!!

I love love love this quote.

I highly recommend reading all of President Monson's talk In Search of Treasure. It is wonderful. I think the beginning of the new year is a great time to contemplate where we are in our lives and set goals so that we can work on becoming even better.
Here's some inspiration:
15 New Year’s Resolutions from the prophets for 2015

1. Avoid contention

2. Find more meaning in temple service

3. Take care of your body

4. Learn more about the gospel

5. Be a better parent

6. Improve personal scripture study

7. Serve someone every day

8. Have more meaningful prayer

9. Increase your fast offering

10. Repent daily

11. Have Family Home Evening

12. Forgive quickly

13. Maintain a clear vision

14. Evaluate yourself honestly

15. Emulate Jesus Christ

Kind of a daunting list, right? Just remember Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible."
We can become better and reach our full potential through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We just need to have faith and do our part in coming unto Christ. He is always there to comfort and strengthen us as we strive to become more like Him.

I like to separate my resolutions into broad categories and then break them down into specific goals.

Study the scriptures for 15 minutes every day.
Write in my journal at least once a week.
Watch BYU devotionals on Tuesdays.
Go to the temple once a week.

Keep up with reading assignments.
Take diligent notes.
Volunteer to say the prayer in class.
Ask questions and participate in discussions.

CHARITY: (The pure love of Christ.)
Look outward.
Take advantage of opportunities to serve.
Call home and keep in touch with family.
Do or say something nice every day.

RUNNING: (yes, that is it's own category)
Give it my all in workouts.
Complete my mileage.*
Take care of myself before & after exercise (ice-bath, roll out, stretch, etc.)
*Listen to my body. (Don't push yourself too hard. It's better to miss one workout or not get all your miles in than to get injured and not be able to run at all. Remember: Hard days hard. Easy days easy.)

Eat fruits & veggies every day!!
Weight lift 2x a week (or 3x)
Ab workout 3x a week
Floss every night

Another resolution:
I need to work on prioritizing my life better. I tend to put the last two categories before the first three. It's easier for me to go out and run 12 miles than it is for me to read the scriptures for 15 minutes. Sad, right? 
Well I am going to do better this year. I am going to get my priorities straight. I just need to set some good habits for myself and then not slack off. I'm off to a great start though. It's January 2nd and I'm 2 for 2. Woot woot! 
Bring it on 2015!