Wednesday, December 31, 2014


We drove to Gilbert, dropped Tommy off at my friend Kristi's house (she was kind enough to babysit him), and then went to the Gilbert temple (my first time!) to do baptisms for the dead. My mom even brought family names so it was extra special.

 After my siblings and I were done, we went outside to wait for my parents who were going to participate in a sealing. We entertained ourselves by making up life stories for the people we observed outside the temple. We saw at least 5 couples getting married! I loved watching them with their families and loved ones. Everyone was so joyful and beautiful.
13. I am grateful that families can be together forever. Because of temples and the sealing power, we can live with our families for eternity as long as we are righteous. This knowledge brings me so much peace and happiness.

After picking Thomas up and eating at Culver's, we continued on to Snowflake. This is my Grandma K's house. We love her and Grandpa Gordon so much.

On the one run I did in Snowflake I made sure to run by the Snowflake temple. The waterfall was pretty much frozen. It looked awesome!

My siblings and I got to go on a shopping spree with Grandma and then we ate at Papa John's and watched Unbroken. Yes, these pictures look super blurry and it's because my dad couldn't really see what he was doing because of the bright sunlight. But let's just say this is exactly the look he was trying to achieve.

After our shopping trip, we had to have a fashion show for Grammy. Fiona picked out both of these shirts by the way.

 This is when Grandma, Fiona, and I went through all of Grandma's jewelry. We polished everything, organized it, and picked out the pieces we wanted to keep. Grandma told us stories that went along with each piece of jewelry. There were some eccentric earrings as you can see.

I got some adorable little fish earrings that Grandpa Gordon bought for Grandma K. When he gave them to her, he told her that they swam all the way to Madeira for her. Isn't that cute? (They were on their mission in Madeira at the time). Now I have them to remind me of my grandparents.

This is my favorite decoration in my Grandma's house. The pussy willows are cut straight from her garden. They look simply lovely in that gorgeous vase.

Tommy was not happy when we had to say goodbye.
It was wonderful to visit Grandma K and our relatives in Snowflake. We got to see Grandpa Dany, Uncle Troy and Aunt Jennifer, and our cousins and second cousins. The beautiful baby in the photo is Elyse Marie, one of my second cousins. She's such a sweet little girl and I think her name is just beautiful. I didn't get any other pictures, but we also got to see Dallas, Kellen, Brayden, and Adalyn. Fun kids, all of them! Tommy had a blast playing with them.

Grandma K stood outside and blew kisses to us until we were out of sight.
Funny story: Grandma K told Tommy that when she asked him, "What time is it?," the proper response was, "Cuddle time!!" instead of the actual time of day. Well, Tommy came up with his own thing and Grandma liked it just as much. When she would ask, "Tommy, what time is it?," he would enthusiastically respond, "Huggle time!!" and go give her a bear hug. I guess "huggle" is a combination of the words "hug" and "cuddle" and "huddle." Who knows. Point is, kids are adorable.

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