Saturday, December 6, 2014

Flashback to Thanksgiving break

Thinking back to when I was home, I realize I can add so many things to my gratitude list. I could honestly write pages and pages. But I'm going to try to keep it short and sweet.

6. I am grateful for FAMILY. My family is seriously the best. I love them so much. We are all crazy, but it's okay because we are stuck with each other for eternity and have so much fun together. I didn't get a pic with my parents, but here are my cute siblings (minus my older brother, Josh, who is on a mission and gets back next summer!) 
That's Diego throwing up the ASU pitchforks. Fiona, Tommy, and I are in the front. Oh and that tiny dog I'm holding is our new puppy, Pippin.

7. Birthdays! Birthdays are so fun. Especially when they are for your six-year old brother. We had a party and my mom invited some of his friends from school and church. It was a blast. Not to mention exhausting. Kids + party + sugar + bouncy house + puppy = absolute madness. 
Tommy, the birthday boy himself.
At one point Fiona and I were in the bouncy house with a ton of kids and we got them started singing "Let it Go" from Frozen. It was fantastic. I don't know why that song resonates so well with little kids, but they know every word and we were all singing our hearts out while jumping around and bumping into each other. Good times. 
Another great moment was when we were all gathered around the table and Tommy was sitting there in front of his cupcakes and candles, and I stopped to take a picture and yelled, "ready, one, two, three..." I meant ready as in get ready to take a picture, but right when I said "three," the kids broke into song. So yeah, I unintentionally jumped the gun and got them started singing the Happy Birthday song. It all worked out though.  

8. Thanksgiving and the holiday season in general. Holidays mean I get to go home and be with my family. They mean decorations and good food and music and fun. I'm all about the holiday season. This Thanksgiving we pigged out on food that we all pitched in to make. My mom was the main contributor to the feast because she is AMAZING. Homemade rolls, a wide variety of pies and cheesecakes, turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn and sparkling cider. I love it all. Then we went to the movies. My mom and dad watched Interstellar which I still haven't seen and I watched Big Hero 6 with Tommy and Fiona. We thoroughly enjoyed it. 

9. I am grateful for crafts. I love making things with my own two hands. It gives me a way to release my inner creativity (yeah, right...usually I just copy something cool that someone else came up with.) While I was home I took pictures of some of my masterpieces. They make great gifts and home decor as you can tell.
Fiona uses this Rapunzel tower to house her earrings.

I just stole this image from Pinterest probably.

And the ceramic piece to the right I made in college my freshman year as my mom's Mother's Day gift. Now it's on the windowsill in our kitchen so she can remember how much I love her as she washes dishes. Hopefully that helps make such an awful chore bearable.

10. My sister, Fiona. I know I already said family. But each one of my family members deserves to be on this list as an individual. I'll get to them all eventually, promise. Fiona is a remarkable human being. I hope she knows how much I love her and that she, along with my beautiful mother, is my very best friend. I can talk to her about anything and everything. I love to hear about her successes. She is so talented and such a hard worker. I look forward to hearing about her continued career in volleyball which is one of her biggest passions. She is gorgeous, inside and out. We had our own mini photo shoot when I was home. Thomas was our main photographer so you know we got some great pictures. 

And there's the little cutie pie giving me a smooch while still keeping his eyes on the camera. He's hilarious.

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