Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Thought for Christmas Day

Today on my run I went by a golf course. On my way home an elderly man called out to me and asked me if I could hand him his golf ball. It had gone over the fence and he couldn't reach it. So of course I stopped and picked it up and handed it to him through the fence. He thanked me profusely and called me an angel and said I had made his day. He was so heartfelt and kind! I was overwhelmed by his expression of gratitude and appreciation for such a simple act.
I wished him a Merry Christmas, continued running, and thought about how good that felt.
12. I am grateful for kind people. That man was so nice! Sure, he was happy that I had happened along so that he could get his golf ball. But honestly, he did way more for me than I did for him. He made MY day. I couldn't stop smiling for awhile after that little experience. I want to remember this and show more appreciation for acts of service as well as working on being more willing to help people out. That's what Christ would do. It's very fitting to receive that gentle reminder today on Christmas :)

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